2012 BAT Engineering IndyCar Images+High Resolution



6 responses to “2012 BAT Engineering IndyCar Images+High Resolution

  1. COOL cars.

  2. Well done! Looking forward to seeing what the future may hold for your design..

  3. I like the car! I am pulling for you guys and Delta Wing. The people who say this isnt an open wheel car are off base. Good luck.

  4. Without question the designers of this car have the history of building winning cars. Their engineering pedigree has allowed this car to be able to run on all circuits and be competitive. It also seems that the driver will have more control thus bringing the driver back into the mix.
    Excellent design!

  5. Nice looking car, local guys trying to make it in Indiana, a very important point, what I would like is all of this designers building 4 or 5 chasis and the owners making them compete head to head on the track, no development or custom parts through the year, just racing baby, and may the best setup win!

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